Asbestos & Hazardous Material Assessment


Buildings that are to be demolished or renovated, especially older ones, may contain a numerous hazardous or regulated materials that may require proper handling, disposal, and abatement. Asbestos, lead-based paint, PCBs, as well as other materials are typically handled differently than normal construction or demolition debris during the renovation or demolition process. ERG has certified asbestos, lead and hazardous material specialists that can provide sampling and assessment services associated with these regulated materials and can identify their presence early in a project and explain their potential cost and scheduling implications. These surveys typically include a visual assessment of the building, its contents, the materials and condition of any suspect or regulated materials identified.


Asbestos & Hazardous Material Assessment Services Include:

Hazardous Materials Abatement Design
Specialized Training Programs
On-Site Air Quality Monitoring
Lead, Mold, Asbestos Surveys & Sampling
Clearance Testing
Replacement Material Design
Operations and Maintenance Programs
Project Management