Environmental remediation deals with the removal of pollution or contaminants from environmental media such as soil, groundwater, sediment, or surface water. This would mean that once requested by the government or a land remediation authority, immediate action should be taken as this can impact negatively on human health and the environment.

Remedial action is generally subject to an array of regulatory requirements and also can be based on assessments of human health and ecological risks where no legislated standards exist or where standards are advisory.

Environmental Resources Group remediation professional’s experience with numerous projects enables them to determine the most appropriate technologies to deliver efficient and cost effective results. Our diversified remediation services include initial investigation, system design, installation and operation. We strive to develop innovative remediation plans that implement cost-reducing approaches.


Site Remediation Services Include:

Remedial Investigations
Response Activity and Corrective Action Plans
No Further Action Determinations
Tank Closures and Removals
Soil Excavation
Dual-phase Soil Vapor Extraction
Groundwater Pump and Treat Systems
NAPL/DNAPL Recovery Systems
Chemical Oxidation
Air Stripping
Groundwater and Soil Contaminant Barriers
Feasibility Studies
Demolition Oversight
Bioremediation Enhanced Natural Degradation
Above-ground Bio-reactor Systems
Effective Treatment Technologies for PFAS