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Racer (Revitalizing Auto Communities Environmental Response) Trust requested ERG to conduct site investigation and remedial activities at the former General Motors - Davison Road Landfill site located in Burton, MI. Activities are being conducted in accordance with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) Part 201 requirements. In addition, ERG's efforts on this project have included quarterly and annual reporting and budget preparation in accordance with the Environmental Response Trust Consent Decree and Settlement Agreement as decreed when a bankruptcy court approved the formation of the RACER Trust.

In the 1970’s, portions of the site were used as a permitted landfill by the GM Buick Motor Division Facility in Flint, Michigan. GM disposed of construction debris, miscellaneous inert solid waste, and foundry sand. Site investigations including soil and groundwater assessment have been performed at the site from 1996 through November 2012. The historical analytical results of the soil and groundwater samples from previous investigations indicate the presence of various volatile organic compounds (VOCs), semi-VOCs (SVOCs) and metals at concentrations that exceed MDEQ Part 201 residential and non-residential cleanup criteria for direct contact, drinking water and drinking water protection, groundwater surface water interface, and/or groundwater surface water interface protection. Additionally, several metal concentrations exceeded the statewide default screening levels.

ERG prepared an Investigative Work Plan (IWP) in 2012 to address gaps in the existing data. The investigation activities in the IWP included installation of soil borings and monitoring wells, groundwater monitoring well and surface water sampling, aquifer tests and analysis; and, property boundary and topographic surveys.

The relevant exposures at the site include groundwater/surface water interface protection (GSIP), non-residential drinking water protection (DWP) and non-residential drinking water (DW). ERG is proposing eliminating the DWP and DW pathway by implementing a restrictive covenant (RC) prohibiting the use of potable water and that requiring that the property remain non-residential. The remaining complete exposure pathway is GSIP to an adjacent creek (Gilkey Creek) which is part of the Flint River drainage basin. ERG is proposing the elimination of this pathway by demonstrating that any concentrations on site will dilute to concentrations below the applicable cleanup criteria.