ERG Senior Engineer Appointed By Governor Snyder

Environmental Resources Group, LLC (ERG) is proud to announce that Senior Project Engineer, Matthew Germane, P.E., has been appointed by Gov. Rick Snyder to a four-year position on the new Environmental Permit Review Commission, recently established by legislation.  Established by Public Act 268 of 2018, the Environmental Permit Review Commission was created within the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ), to act in an advisory capacity, especially for situations where applicants are dissatisfied with the department’s final decision.

The commission is comprised of 15 Governor appointed members with experience in engineering, geology, hydrology or a field of engineering or science related to air or water.  When appropriate, the department director may call a panel of three commission members based on their area of expertise, to form an Environmental Permit Panel to review and advise on permit applications.  After initial appointments, members serve four-year terms.

“This board will work to protect Michigan’s environment by having field experts on the committee carefully review all permits to ensure projects are in the best interest of preserving Michigan’s resources and environment,” Snyder said.

Matthew J. Germane of Hartland, Michigan, is a licensed professional engineer, serving as Senior Project Engineer for ERG.  He is a member of the Hartland Township Board of Trustees and Vice President of the Hartland Enrichment and Recreational Organization (HERO).  He holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Michigan.