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Combating Plastic Pollution: Minimization

In the USA, 500 million plastic straws are used every day. Most recyclable plastics can be recycled only 1-2 times as the size of the carbon chain gets reduced when recycled due to heat and mechanical stress. Most plastic is recycled to make fibers (e.g., for clothing) and most plastic products created with recycled plastics cannot be recycled. Therefore, one of the most effective and sustainable solution to combat this global issue is the prevention or minimization of plastic use. Some practical tips to reduce the plastic waste in businesses and household are provided in this article.

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Protecting The Great Lakes: Microplastics

What are microplastics? Plastic litter fragments that are smaller than 5 millimeters are called microplastics. Microplastics can be of primary or secondary origin. Because of their small dimensions, microplastics become available for ingestion to a wide range of marine/freshwater organisms.

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Reducing the Use of Plastics at Home: Experiences of an ERG Family Member

Until moving to Germany in late 2013, I thought about plastics like most Americans – plastics are a convenient material to use and a persistent environmental pollutant. The solid waste our family generated every day did not bother me very much because I knew it was being properly landfilled, and we were properly disposing of recyclable materials whenever we could (paper, pop cans, etc.).  Upon our return, however, my three-year German experience caused me to reconsider America’s waste problem and to seriously challenge my thoughts on recycling.  Please allow me to explain.

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